Nutrition according to your DNA

Nutrition has a direct impact on health, both in the short and long term. However, everyone is unique and does not necessarily react the same way as another person to the various elements of the diet. The differences can be explained simply by the variations in DNA that affect people’s reaction to the specific nutrients.

By knowing which genetic variations people carry, it is now possible to take more informed (appropriate) decisions when choosing what to put on your plate.

BiotechSol NutriTest allows a personalized analysis of the nutrition profile (personalized nutrition profile analysis) by studying the DNA. Starting from a saliva sample, the DNA is extracted and analyzed. Once the genetic variations have been identified, our experts prepare a personalized report that contains recommendations based on evidence-based scientific research and expert opinions.

What is tested

BiotechSol NutriTest identifies genetic variations in 13 genes and allows to understand how the body reacts to 10 specific nutrients. In particular, BiotechSol NutriTest is focused on 5 specific health areas:

  • Metabolic Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Bone Health
  • Weight Management
  • Intolerances and Immunity


    How to get BiotechSol NutriTest

    Requesting BiotechSol is very easy, and does not require a medical prescription:

  • Call us or fill the form on our website to request your kit
  • A professional courier will deliver - and then pick up - the sample upon request
  • The sample will be analysed by the experts; they will compile a personalized report that will be sent by email.

  • It is important to understand that the disease risks mentioned in the Nutrition Profile report are statistical probabilities rather than absolute certainties